acne treatment bangkok

Acne Treatment in Bangkok Price

Bangkok is the center of Thailand, where you may find lots of beauty clinics and hospitals that offer acne treatments. The prices range from 500 THB to 3,000 THB.  

There are three approaches offered for helping you get rid of acne in Bangkok. Each method costs differently. 

  1. With Medicine, you will get pills and creams and a consultation with a doctor. The price is between 500 THB – 800 THB. [Ref. Rajdhavee Clinic]
  2. With Laser, you will have a laser for 30-45 minutes. The price is between 1,000 THB – 3,000 THB. [Ref. Pornkasem Clinic]
  3. With Facial treatment, you will get facial treatment and acne extraction for 60 minutes. The price is between 800 THB – 1,200 THB [Ref. Puttharaksa Aesthetic]

If you are on vacation and plan to go to beaches, we suggest avoiding lasers. After laser treatments, you have to stay away from strong sunlight; otherwise, it may damage your skin. We recommend you go for medicine or facial treatments instead.