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Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangkok Guide

Facial treatments for whitening your skin can be found in beauty clinics and spas around Bangkok. There are varieties of treatments aiming to whiten your skin, from facial masks to lasers.

  1. Whitening mask: you can find it in spas. It mainly focuses on relaxation since you will have lots of facial massage during the treatment.
  2. With machines: this kind of treatment uses machines, e.g., Phonophoresis, to push vitamins into the skin. Therefore, it delivers better results than just a whitening mask. You may find this kind of treatment at beauty clinics, e.g., Puttharaksa Aesthetic.
  3. Laser treatment: Intense Pulse Light is good one that works on whitening your skin in general. It offers the best results compared with the above two treatments. However, it is quite painful during the treatment. You may find this kind of treatment at hospitals or beauty clinics, e.g., Bumrungrad Hospital.