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Rejuvenation Treatment in Bangkok Guide

A facial rejuvenation treatment helps tighten your skin and make it looks younger. There are lots of such treatments available in Bangkok. You may find them in spas, beauty clinics, and hospitals around Bangkok. 

Rejuvenation treatments in spas focus on massage and cream. They apply a skin tightening cream during the massage. The advantage of spa treatments is that they are relaxing.

Rejuvenation treatments in beauty clinics focus on machines. They apply machines, i.e., micro-current, to help rejuvenate your skin.

Rejuvenation treatments in hospitals focus on lasers. They apply lasers to stimulate collagen under your skin. So that your skin will become younger. It is quite painful during the treatment.

Our Recommendations

If you want to feel good during the treatment, we suggest having a rejuvenation treatment at a spa. If you want to have strong results, we suggest a hospital, e.g., Samitivej Hospital. If you want to relax and have some improvement, we suggest a beauty clinic, e.g., Puttharaksa Aesthetic.