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Facial Treatments in Bangkok Guide

There are three kinds of facial treatments available in Bangkok. The first type is a relaxing facial. This kind of facial treatment focuses on helping you feel joy. It is a mixture of massage and masking. So, you will feel relaxed after this treatment. You will find such treatments at spas. 

Secondly, a treatment that focuses on resolving facial problems, e.g., acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and scars. They are strong treatments, e.g., laser and chemical peeling, but they will make you feel pain. You may find such treatment in beauty clinics and hospitals. 

The third type is a facial treatment that combines both joy and problem-solving. This kind of treatment is a new approach. It includes massage and a machine in the treatment. The machine that is added to the treatment helps resolve facial problems, while massage makes you relax. Therefore, you will accomplish both needs. We call this kind of treatment “holistic facial treatment”. You may find out more information about holistic facial treatments at  Facial Treatment in Bangkok.

Where to Find Holistic Facials in Bangkok?

We recommend Puttharaksa Aesthetic. As Puttharaksa Aesthetic has been established since 2005, they have a strong background in facial treatments. They are also well-known for Microdermabrasion, Acne Treatment, and Rejuvenation Treatment.